Plant Shop

With around 150 options, including evergreen azaleas, deciduous azaleas, small trees, shrubs and numerous perennials for both shade and sun, our Plant Shop has something for everyone. We consider the Plant Shop to be aligned with our education mission rather a source of revenue. Therefore prices are reasonable and information cards accompany each plant. These cards describe each plant’s site requirements, deer resistance, wildlife value, and growth habit. In addition, an image highlights the seasonal attributes of each plant. Several of our offerings are uncommon, unusual, or even rare or endangered.

The majority of the plants we offer for sale are propagated in-house, mainly by a small group of dedicated volunteers. We do it all, from collecting, cleaning and sowing seeds, to sticking cuttings, and dividing those that can be divided.

Availability of these plants varies greatly and though some plants are staples of our Plant Shop, others are available in limited quantities or for limited times.

Click here for the current availability list. This list is updated regularly, but not in real-time.

We hope you’ll stop by, see what we have to offer, and take a tiny piece of the Arboretum home with you.